We’ve all been there at the GP surgery or hospital waiting patiently to be seen but aware that there’s going to be long delays.

What if I said each hospital can save 130 hours a day by simply streamlining the software used to login?  At Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool this has already been done and it’s reduced time spent logging in from 1 minute 45 seconds to just 10 seconds!

Quite often doctors and nurses waste time logging into various software, this can result in administrative errors with serious consequences, such as delay in diagnosis, blood tests not being sent off, referral or appointment letters not posted. These can be undetected for months or years which can cause unimaginable consequences.

Unfortunately, at Dutton Gregory we hear claims like these too often as a result of administrative errors. If you feel there has been a delay in diagnosis as a result of an administrative error or an administrative error has caused further injury to you. Please do not hesitate to contact our Clinical Negligence team.